Deniyaya is a beautiful rural city of Sri Lanka and has widespread attached importance to it. The natural beauty of Deniyaya is exceptional and there are only a few places that can match the natural serenity and classic look of Deniyaya. There are many programs that are conducted by the Sri Lanka Tourist Board and aims to start many big projects in the city of Deniyaya. The city is established from a long time and it is now planned to upgrade the city for making it a major tourist destination and holiday place for the people who are looking to spend some quality time. The hotels and resorts, however, are not so many right now but they will become a lot and their numbers would increase with the time and as the businesses get established here. Deniyaya is situated more precisely in the mountainous regions of Sri Lanka and has been known for its widespread importance to all the interested tourists. It has close proximity to the most important heritage that is kept and maintained by Sri Lankans for centuries and its preservation is helped by places like Deniyaya.


There is the Sinharaja forest that is being declared as an area of national wilderness, and it has been kept and maintained under the national wilderness act that was placed in 1988. The forest has been the first Sri Lanka natural resource that has been the first natural resource that has earned the distinction. There are many people and also many tourists and travelers who come to visit the place. Also, the beaches nearby are another attractive place which captures tourists’ interest to this rural city of Deniyaya too. Other than the Sinharaja forest, another aspect of great attraction for tourists and honeymoon romantic couples is the presence of these waterfalls as well as tea estates, and other religious places that are nearby.

Most people love to view the serene and wonderful waterfalls that are flowing in the beautifully cut rocks and stones. It has the mountains that are marks of cascading beauty and plentiful resources. Most of these are hidden in forest regions but Deniyaya provides some of the best locations for viewing and enjoying the waterfalls in Sri Lanka. The steps and tea plantations also add an extra charm and flavor to these splendid Deniyaya waterfalls. In short, these Deniyaya waterfalls are the best tourist attraction in Sri Lanka and are propagated by government agencies to make it known on the global tourism maps in the near future after its development.